We Serve All Areas
Of Power Generation




We bring our expertise to all facets of power generation design:

Design and Project Engineering

Power generation tubes
  • Project Engineering and Supervision
  • Design Support and Owner Oversight of Engineering Contractor
  • Safety Analysis and Transient Analysis Evaluation and Coordination
  • Modification Package Development and Design Verification
  • System Interaction Evaluations
  • Environmental Evaluations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Heavy Lift License Evaluation
  • Crane Evaluations
  • ASME Code Review/Reconciliation
  • Testing Program
  • Procedure Revision Preparation/Review
  • Welding Engineering and Oversight

Component Design and Specifications

  • OSG/RSG Comparison Studies
  • Design Specification Preparation and Review
  • Design Specification Certification
  • Contract Administration
  • Fabrication Management/Oversight
  • Fabrication/Design Document Review/Approval
  • Thermal Hydraulic/Stress Analysis Review and Approval
  • Licensing Reviews
  • On-Site Quality Control Support
  • Receipt Inspection Review and Process Development
  • Transportation Review/Oversight
  • Owner Acceptance Review
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